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RE: [IP] kidney failure, maybe?

Hi Christene,

 >  [...] severe swelling in my legs [...]
 > constantly fatigued [...] cycle is off [...]

If your kidneys were going, a full kidney panel would have shown
it. There are a bunch of tests that should come back wildly
abnormal if your kidneys are in bad enough shape to cause these
symptoms of yours:

- Urine: proteinuria (albuminuria, microalbuminuria)
- Urine: creatinine

- Blood: Electrolytes (potassium/sodium, magnesium)
- Blood: serum creatinine

I doubt that one can have major kidney problems while the above
tests are normal. After all, if oedema is due to kidney failure,
the kidneys must be in near- or total shutdown.

Swelling in the legs, especially the lower ones, can also be
caused by a million other things -- acute inflammation, low-grade
inflammatory processes, abnormal blood pressure, not enough
exercise (the leg muscles are required for normal venous return
from the legs), damaged valves in the leg veins, accumulated
microvascular damage, and so on. Your doctor can add a few more
pages to this list.

Anyway, when I started exercising in earnest and dropped all that
flab, my leg oedema went away (it only returns, in much milder
form, if I injure my legs), my blood pressure normalised, and my
energy levels went way up.

I am sure you have considered weight loss already; my take on the
topic is, most of the information floating around is rubbish.
Weight loss is not a "journey", it is a life-sentence; and having
this kind of low expectations is the key to not being disheartened
after a while. But the results, they are *so* worth it!

All the best,
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