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[IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V11 #39


I would put a piece of IV3000 over the whole thing (with the cap on)


It is not as bad as it seems. I was way worried, especially given the size of
the needle.  Mine bled just a tiny bit, there was no pain, just like an
infusion site. I do think they need to work more on that inserter...it is not
very ergonomically friendly for me...it was the hardest part--figuring out how
to hold the darn thing and keep it steady. Those who already use the angled
infusion sets won't have any trouble at all, for me it is a big change cause I
use the quickset & inserter.

This is my third day (just recharged the transmitter and tricked it into using
the same sensor a second time), and I have already been amazed at the results
and it has already caught 2 lows before they snuck up on me and one really
raging high (have no reason--it just was)


Is your insurance through your work? My HR dept got involved, especially when
I told them I would take it to court if it did not get covered.

Check out my blog here: http://indigopegasus.spaces.live.com/

there is a link to a July 1st initiative on CGMS denial by insurance co's and
a link to CGMS Central   (http://cgmscentral.com/) that have a lot of good

lots of tips on http://tudiabetes.com/
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