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[IP] Up and running

ok, i got the 522 in the mail this week (a BLACK ONE, cuz i hadn't heard
anyone mention a purple one was available and I didn't think to go see if it
came in colors, and rahter than wiat to trade it out, i just said hell with
it) and i borrowed a CGM transmitter from a friend who doesn't like using
it...and he sold me a sensor...so it all went into me today, with no blood and
a lot less pain at 45 degrees than i had expected (i do th esilhouette almost
parallel to the skin - you can literally almost see the canula under the skin
i am so shallow - and I LIKE it like it  like that.

Training was useful even for an old hand like me, mostly the sensor stuff.
Naturally, i was real stable bg wise all day...and looking forward to my 2
hour Cal...but then the transmitter died, so i had to recharge it and start
the 2 hour count over, and by then i was pretty hungry so even though she said
not to eat, I did, and for some reason, bg was soaring (air bubble in
tubing??)  i have had nothing but  high sugars for the last 5 hours which are
finally coming down and i have a little down arrow on hte pump to prove it!!

What irritates the CRAP outta me is the tubing is on the wrong side. I want to
be able to pluck the pump off my belt with my right hand and turn it 1/4 turn
to the right to read the screen, but when i do that, it is upside down!!  it
is completely backwards from the 508.  What a ridiculous design flaw - it is
fine if you are left handed, but seriously - what a pain!


I see why people get into trouble with this pump.  Sure, it is easy to "trust"
the bolus wizard....but what if you lost your pump for any reason for a day or
so..you would be up a creek if you didn't  know how to do all this
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