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Re: [IP] MM CGMS sensor warm up

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From: "Barbara Ziegler" <email @ redacted> 

 > I have had trouble recently with new sensors taking a long time to get going.
 > This morning I got 6 "Lost sensor" alarms, and was not able to calibrate
> over 4 hours after insertion. This has been happening a lot recently, and 
> didn't used to be a problem for me.

Hello Barbara, 

 This problem seems to be getting more common. As the transmitter ages, it seems
to not hold a charge very well, and that will manifest itself in "lost sensor"
alarms. How old is your transmitter?

> Is it OK to have a sensor there without being attached to the transmitter? 

 There are a number of people I have heard of that do this on a regular basis.
They find their sensors work well if they are nice and "wet", so they insert a
new sensor at night, leaving the old sensor hooked up to the transmitter, then
just re-charge the transmitter in the a.m., and put it in the new sensor after
being re-charged. I think this is exactly what you are describing. It is fairly
common, I think.

>Which means I couldn't take a shower until I attach the sensor but I need to
>recharge it 

 Your're going to have a 20 minute delay - that's right. I would not take a
shower with a bare sensor (without the transmitter attached). It would probably
be ok - as long as it's good and dry when you hook up the transmitter it would
probably be fine. Personally, I wouldn't chance it.

> Ideas? 

 When you have time, put a new battery in the transmitter charger, and charge
the transmitter overnight. This seems to have helped a number of people.
Personally, I'm going to do it every 3 months. My battery for the transmitter
charger died after 5 months, and I started seeing sensor errors just before it
died. I'm not gonna wait that long any more - I think it is important that the
charger have a good strong charge.

Good luck,

dx 1985 at age 32 
MM 522 8/07 
CGMS 12/07
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