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[IP] MM CGMS sensor warm up

I have had trouble recently with new sensors taking a long time to get going.
This morning I got 6 "Lost sensor" alarms, and was not able to calibrate until
over 4 hours after insertion.  This has been happening a lot recently, and
didn't used to be a problem for me.  I don't want to insert overnight for the
warm-up and lose the overnight readings and BG warnings.  (Amazing how quickly
we think we can't manage without something that didn't even exist 2 years
ago!)  I thought about leaving in my old sensor, and inserting a new one at
night but leaving the transmitter on the old one so I still get readings.  Is
it OK to have a sensor there without being attached to the transmitter?
Another problem I thought about with this idea is that MM says the transmitter
and sensor make a watertight system.  I assume the sensor alone then is not.
Which means I couldn't take a shower until I attach the sensor but I need to
recharge it, which means delaying the shower, which means a really difficult
morning before work.  Ideas?
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