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[IP] Sensor questions (long)

Hello!  I'm three days into the continuous blood glucose monitor with my
paradigm pump and I'm looking for some tips.

The first day was great -- until I tried to sleep.  The sensor I'd inserted
with the trainer became very sore and I couldn't even roll over on my side.
The next morning, I inserted another sensor -- less painful, but bleeding.  I
put tape over the sensor/transmitter, but in the shower or at some point in
the day, the tape peeled off in such a way that the transmitter became
disconnected, then reconnected, then disconnected.   I was back to the "START"
menu, and didn't know what to do.   So I removed it until this afternoon.
Today's insertion went well (no pain) but there was a lot of blood.   I've
used Quicksets and Quickserters for six years and almost never have bleeding.
I don't really look forward to staring at a mess of dried blood under the
sensor for the next 3-6 days, but don't want to risk doing another insertion
now that I've got this right.    Also, I have had a "weak signal" alarm three
times now, despite the fact that the pump is not more than 14 inches from the
transmitter.   I'm trying not to be frustrated but finding it difficult, and
may have been a little rude to the Medtronic Help line guy yesterday!  So I
turn to the experts.   I wonder if anyone can help with these questions:

1. What is the best way to ensure you do not bleed when inserting the
sof-sensor?  The trainer said to hold the inserter at an angle between 45 and
90 degrees, but that didn't actually help.  Is it the removal of the needle
that causes bleeding?  And do you know how to get the blood out of there once
it stops so you don't have to look at it for days?

2. Is the "weak signal" alarm common?  And what do you do when you get it?   I
can't think of anything except to move my pump closer to my transmitter, but
it's already very close.  The Minimed helpline suggested I reconnect the
transmitter to the sensor, but then I have to wait another two hours to see if
I'm good, right?  I can't quite grasp this two-hour waiting period and when
it's necessary vs. not.

3. Has anyone been able to remove tape without removing the sensor?  And do
you all use the tape?  I never used the tape with my pump, and really don't
like it.  The adhesive is dirty, it sticks to the transmitter and when I
remove the tape the whole contraptions falls apart.   I'm afraid it I don't
use tape I will catch the transmitter on something and lose the
thousand-dollar piece of machinery.

4.  How long do you wait after inserting the sensor to attach the transmitter?
The book says five minutes. My trainer said wait at least 20.

I think that's it for now.  Thank you for reading this and for any advice you
can provide.


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