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Re: [IP] Minimed frustrations

Hi Liz, I am glad you are set up for the training.  It is my expereince that
the process of setting up to start CGMS really needs a training session.  It
is not all that difficult to do it, but getting all of the steps down as far
as how to insert the sensor properly, seal it with the adhesive covering and
waiting for the calibration to kick in takes a run through with someone
experienced.  Once you do the first one by yourself you will "have it".  As
far as the 'tricks of the trade', that comes with time and experience.  My
best advice is to have patience with the system.  I think you will be crazy
for the first few months, then all of a sudden things will 'click' and you
will love the system.  I was at a point (and I posted it here) where I was
ready to throw the whole thing away. My meter BGs never seemed to match, I
was always sticking myself to confirm or deny the CGMS readings and I had
alarms all of the time!  It was like "what's the point?".  Well, all of a
sudden things started to work better for me.  I can't tell you what the
difference is, but most of the time my meter BG matches my sensor really
close and I am much more confident of the readings I am getting from my
sensor so there is not the testing all of the time like I was doing.  About
the only thing that I am trying to figure out is how to reduce the skin
irritation I seem to be getting from the sensor/transmitter.  It is quite a
bit more than my infusion set and I have had to take a week off to let
things heal up.  Good luck!   Cynthia

On 6/19/08, Elizabeth Blake <email @ redacted> wrote:
> --- On Wed, 6/18/08, CM Ullom <email @ redacted> wrote:
> > They took a month before they notified me of someone was
> > available to train
> > me. However I certainly didn't wait, I had the 712
> > moved to the 722 - and
> > started the pump myself.
> > The only thing that I consulted the doctor with was my bg
> > target range -
> > before it was bg target =100 - the range now is 80-100.
> > And I also needed to
> > know what they wanted me to set my active insulin to -
> > 3hrs.   Everything else
> > transfered right over to the pump.
> Are you on the CGMS? The pump isn't the issue. I went from the 715 to the
> 722
> so I just transferred my settings and hooked up right away. It's the CGMS
> that I
> need help with. I did finally get in touch with Minimed and the trainer for
> my
> area sent me an e-mail, saying he was going to talk to my CDE about setting
> something up. I now have an appointment for next Wednesday, the 25th, at my
> CDE's office. Both she & the Minimed nurse will be training me.
> --
> Liz
> Type 1 dx 4/1987
> Minimed 715 5/2005 / Minimed 722 6/08
> .
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