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Re: [IP] OmniPod

There have been a few threads that touched on the OmniPod in the past 
couple of weeks. You can find them here:



Hope this helps,

Kathy Bruckmeyer wrote:
> Hi All,
> Been a very long time since I've been on IP.
>  I am currently using Paradigm 722 and I like it. However, I saw an ad for
> OmniPod and then checked it out on their website.
 > I see a few drawbacks such as having to refill it everytime you change the
 > instead of just filing a reservoir once until it runs out; the cannula is 9
> and mine is 6 and the testing machine is different than the one I am using.
>  It looks to be much simpler and if I wanted to take a quick dip in the pool,
> wouldn't have to remove it.
>  I like the fact that there is just one thing inserted and no tubing to get
> caught on everything.
> Has anyone already ordered it and is using it?  
 > I see that it costs about $800 to purchase and a month's supply for the pods
> about $385. Don't know about the test strips.
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