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[IP] pump versus injections

My  doctor has suggested for me to get an insulin pump. I would like to hear

what  others have to say, advice, tips etc. before I make a final decision

My reply:
Since I read the digest, it was hard to tell exactly who posted the
question, but
I thought I'd give it a shot. Short answer....DO IT!

Longer answer: Diagnosed Pearl Harbor Day in 1977 (12/7) Tried various
combinations of
Insulins, had to retire from teaching on disability because simply couldn't
control blood
sugars because of the effect of the adrenalin. By the time we decided to
explore a pump, my
husband was waking me up 3 or 4 mornings a week, handing me a box of juice
with orders to 
drink it, and crawling back into bed. My mornings were shot as I bounced
from around 40 at 6:30, up
to around 400, and back down to the 90's by noon. I went on a Minimed 50? in
December, 1986.
Best decision (short of deciding to force my husband to marry me!) I've ever
made. I could actually
do productive work in the mornings! That's important when you're starting
your own business! I can't 
imagine life without a pump. I was a Minimed customer from 1986 until
January 2007, when I got
Sophia, my Deltec Cozmo with her Cozmonitor. Sophia is MUCH smarter than all
the Freds who preceded her.
Somebody mentioned that she'll even tell you how many carbs to treat a
low...made me giggle because
Sophia often recommends 1 gram when she thinks I'm a little lower than she
likes. I tell her, "Yeah,
Right! I'll go find a 1 carb cracker!" But she's usually right on when I'm
on the high side, and
those times I think I know more than she does and override her suggestions,
she gets the last laugh
as I struggle with the resulting low. Can't say I live a perfectly smooth,
no highs or lows life, but
my A1c's are always below 6, and if I see a 200 now, I usually know exactly
why. I would love to
figure out a better way to avoid the lows, because now that my husband's
dead, it's pretty scary living
alone without anyone to notice I'm being stupid until it's too late. I long
for a CGMS, but for over 
a year I've been unable to convince Medicare that they should pay for my
pump supplies! I figure it'll
be years before they'll even consider covering CGMS and I'll probably be
long gone.

So there's my two cents.

Cheryl Hite
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