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RE: [IP] Minimed frustrations

I have a Cozmo & did not have any problems getting my training.   When I 
 ordered my pump, the trainer called me the next day & gave me all of her
information.  She said to call her the minute I got my pump  & I did.  I 
 received my pump on a Friday & 5 days later I was fully trained & pumping with
 insulin. I feel the training was very complete & I felt comfortable using the
I would be very upset if it took weeks before they would train me & I  would 
return the pump & go with a different company.  Most companies  only give you 
30 days to return it from when you get it if you are not happy  with it.  You 
can get a pump from 1 company & a CGM from another.   I prefer them to be 
separate so that it does not all go out at one time.
Cheryl W. 
Jazz OTSD CGC - Belgian Tervuren
& the Chihuahua  Gang
Russellville, Alabama
Type 1 since 4/1969 - Cozmo insulin pump  with Novolog since 7/2005 - current 
A1C  6.0
In a  message dated 6/16/2008 4:13:15 P.M. Central Daylight Time,  
email @ redacted writes:

(I got  my new 722 pump and CGMS kit two weeks ago.)
Honestly, I have not heard of  any "30 Day" rule. When I purchased the system 
for my son, I know I had to  pursue the training part myself. We live an hour 
and a half from our endo, and  I figured that I have spent enough money at 
Minimed that they could send a  trainer to me instead of me going to our endo 
 for training. It ended up that there wasn't a trainer available for my area so
someone from like 6 hours away  came. It was the best training we could have 
ever had!!!
I would keep  calling if I were you!!
Jamie, mom to Zachary(15) dx at age 12, Cleo (12)  dx at age 8, Jamison(9) 
and  Addalyn(3).

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