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Re: [IP] transmitter going bad??

I forward you bellow a message I post to CGMS group 5 days ago:

CGMS Messagge>>>>>>
Hi Maureen,

Unfortunately that what happens to you is common for me lately and I quest
that MM had change something on sensors to let them out of the fridge. The
sensors seems to not wet as soon as you insert them and need some time
before they start working. The good news are that these sensors (that are
not wetting fast) seems to work better for longer period of time.

Another problem that I face the last moth was the frequent auto restart of
sensors without an obvious cause. Finally I figure out thet this happens
when the transmitter battery is going to die. Don't wait for a low or bad
battery signal (the low battery signal system had been designed for the
lollipop transmitter who did not had a rechargeable batteries and does not
work properly with Minilink transmitter. The systems seems to work but after
sometime the Isig getting lower and lower (probably because the remain
battery cannot support the measuring voltage that needed) and give faulty
sensor errors and warm ups.

While I was trying to test what was wrong (the sensor or the transmitter) I
change and connect to the same sensor that produce the errors to my old
lollipop transmitter and the sensor works fine for the last 3 days while I m
waiting for my fresh Minilink to arrive.

I plan to connect the new Minilink to the same sensor, that is now 13 days
old, to check if it will produce more sensor errors.

During waiting I operate my old Minilink. It was very difficult to open it
and see the inside. When I finally manage to open it I found that all
electronics, including the rechargeable battery are in a silicon drop like
prehistoric flies in amber. SO there is no chance (or little chance) to
replace the battery and reuse the transmitter.

I will post more news on all that as soon as I get my fresh Minilink.

Nikos Filippou
Thessaloniki, Greece


I connect the old sensor to my fresh Minilnk transmitter and all problems
had gone. I'm on day 27 with Isig 17.45 for SG 122ml/dl which is fine. So
the real problem is that the battery of the old transmitter had die!
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