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[IP] ALTACE - side effects for me after 25 years!

Hi All...
 Just wanted to talk about my story in case anyone out there is having this
problem. I've been taking Altace for about 25 years, it's for high blood
pressure and for protecting your kidneys affiliated with diabetes. Anyways, I
have noticed that I was coughing a lot the last few months. Although I never
smoked, it almost felt like a smokers cough. Well about a month ago, I thought I
had a cold because I was coughing more than usual. I couldn't sleep at night
from the coughing which was worse when I would lay down. Well I ended up going
to my family doctor...NOT my endo. She gave me an antibiotic prescription and a
coughing syrup prescription. I took them for 2 weeks, the coughing didn't stop
so when I was out of the syrup, I called and went in again. She went through my
prescriptions I took and noticed the Altace. My endo had recently cut back on my
Altace too..like in half because I had been running a high potassium count. Well
she took me off of the Altace right away!
 .  She 
 told me that some people had developed a cough from the Altace. Even, as she
stated, 20 or 25 years they developed this contstant coughing. I described it as
a tickle in my throat as others had...nagging coughing! She prescribed something
else for me. Well I'm so happy I went to see her. I think this coughing might
just be from the Altace, because it's really almost stopped. I'm thinking a few
more days and it'll be gone. I really found that hard to believe...but I checked
on the internet. Did some researching...I typed in "coughing and Altace" and was
surprised what I found. A lot of other people were having the same problems I
was having. So I wanted to pass it along. If you have had a cough that just
doesn't want to go....and if you are on Altace....look into it. It just might be
the problem...at least it's worth looking into. I wish I had that information a
long time ago. It's only been 3 days since I'm off the Altace, but I'm so happy!
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