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Re: [IP] OmnipodQuestions.?

Janette wrote:
> Hi All,
> What is the current cost of the system ?

The PDM is listed at $800, I think; the cost they actaully billed my 
insurance plan was $600. I think they have a "retail" price ($800) and 
then the prices that are approved by the various insurance carriers.
Then there is the cost of the initial shipment of pods. They ship about 
3 months' supply, at whatever price (again I think determined at least 
in part to the insurance carrier), approx. $300-350 per month.

> Wondered if anyone using an Omnpod had lost the control / PDA ?

No, and at the replacement cost I don't expect I am likely to, I'm 
highly motivated to keep track of it ;-)
Before I became a pumper, only once in 20 years did I ever lose the 
"pouch" that I used to carry my meter and vials/pens and needles.

> Did you have to pay for a replacement ?  What was the cost ?

Don't know, but I'd speculate that depends on how generous the insurance 
company is feeling.

> Has the system been in use for more than 4 years ? 
>  Is it possible to continue to purchase pods after this time ?
> (or is this a bit like the Riche Pump situation . (with Roche the Pump times
> out after 6 years).
> What happens with the Omnipod once your 4 years of Pods is up ?

I'm pretty sure the OmniPod system has not been available for that long; 
I think FDA approval came in 2006.

I'd bet that a call to Insulet's 24/7 help line would probably answer 
most of your questions (other than pricing, since that is totally 
dependent on insurance coverage): 1-800-591-3455

Hope this helps,
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