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RE: [IP] New Pump (Animas 2020)

I received my Animas 2020 in June of 2007.  If I let the battery go until I
get the warning, it has never lasted less than 8 weeks.  Normally I
automatically change the battery between 7-8 weeks while I do a
cartridge/infusion set change.  Basically the documentation says about 8
weeks and that's what I get.

As far as setup is concerned, I have my backlight timeout set to 60 seconds.
I have my alarms set to vibrate since I notice that and don't always hear
the beeps.

Did you specify the proper type of battery in the setup screens?  You have
the option of Alkaline or Lithium Ion.  That could be the cause of your

Phil Lindner

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I received my new lime green Animas 2020 on Tuesday afternoon and started
wearing it immediately.

By 9 am Wednesday my battery indicator was down to two bars. With my 1200 I
routinely got nearly 4 months from a battery and always used the backlight.
At 11:30 pm the pump woke me with a low battery alarm. I replaced the
battery. Called Animas and they agreed this was unusual in that I should get
an average of five weeks from a battery. Decided to watch and wait.

Wednesday afternoon I was down to two bars. I lowered the time out to 15
seconds, lowered the contrast on the screen, and have no reminders set.

Friday morning at 9 am I got the low battery alarm and put in battery number

This morning, I see it's back down to two bars. Time to call Animas again
since they said they'd want to replace it if it happened again. And yes,
these are from a new, just-opened pack of Lithium batteries with a 2029
expiration date. I've also got the Lithium battery chosen in my set up.

So, for those of you on a 2020, can you let me know what to expect with
battery life?
Thanks in advance,


> Well, Thursday, I went in and ordered my new Animas 2020.  Can't wait to
> hear when it will arrive...
> Anyone using one have any suggestions or tips for me?  I'm currently
> using an Animas 1200, so I'm looking forward to the color screen and
> food index.
> .
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