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Re: [IP] AM BGs

*I'm not going to list all of my vices (hee hee) but suffice it to say
COFFEE is the one that I can't do without. OMG!!!! I can smell it even
before it starts to brew. LOL!!! Major coffee/caffeine addict here BUT with
absolutely no effects on the BG. I wake up at 6 AM & have a 24 oz. cup of
strong coffee (w/ Splenda & FF milk & maybe 1 - 1 1/2 Tblsp. of a Torani SF
Syrup) & off to work I go carrying 2- 16 oz. thermal mugs of the same thing.
There is a pot of coffee at work too & I can & will usually finish that
after my  own is gone. I have never seen my BG rise (& thankfully so!!!!))
as I'm running around after little ones most of the day. LOL!!! I
though, one day, I see my BG rise, I'll just bolus for it.   YDMMV (Your
Diabetes Mileage May Vary)*
*suzeeq78 & ALI*
*MM  515   4/05  (Looking forward to a new pump early next year & maybe a
cgms-still not too sure about it)*

On Sat, Jun 14, 2008 at 9:58 AM, Sharon Brousseau <email @ redacted>

> Valerie wrote:
> GIVE UP my morning coffee? OMG, I'd never do that. I figure I've got ONE
> vice in this world and it's a cup of coffee in the morning. It's taken me a
> few years to finally nail it but what I do is add a half unit of insulin to
> any correction bolus I may have to do when I get up. If my bs is on target,
> I simply bolus the half unit for the coffee. Works for me.
> Sharon Replied
> I always wake up a bit low and coffee seems to rise my BG a bit, also I
> will eat my breakfast an hour later. It seems silly for me to recheck my BG
> all the time before eating but sometimes I do just for the heck of it. And
> my BG did go up. Half unit seems to be good advice. Thanks Sharon .
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