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Re: [IP] coffee and donuts

I wonder where Oprah pulled this quack out of her hat!!

I have honestly never heard of coffee dehydrating one severely enough
for death. I have that caffeine can cause dehydration, but then I did
some research and found out that the fluids that contain caffein,
encluding coffee, are enough to bypass the dehydration issue.

I honestly think that this oprah needs to do her research before she
passes quacks like this on to the general public.. no, I do not watch
her show.

I personally do not drink coffee. But it is because I can not stand
the smell, let alone the taste of it. But I am however a big tea (hot
and iced) and cola drinker, which both do contain caffeine, and
sometimes, it contains more than a cup of coffee.

And on the issue of stevia, I honestly think that he has to be a
shareholder of the maker. The US will NOT allow it to be sold as a
sweetner, but it is sold as a dietary supliment.
I personally use sugar if I want some in my tea. I bake/cook with
sugar (unless specifically asked in my cakes to use half splenda/half
sugar). I just count the carbs in the sugar and bolus for it.
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