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Re: [IP] two words/ & Donna

> Hey, hey! No jabs here! We get enough of those things as it is!
> Jan and ?
> (and friend of SSP)

Actually proofread, and proof and read are all legitimate words. Depends on 
their usages. YMMV lol And *I* do try to poopread all my posts cuz I see 
some really weird stuff I have sent if I don't. :-(

I've met both Sara Smarty Pants and Jan.


And to DONNA, please don't take offense at what Felix said. In real life 
hearing what he said would have been compassionate with purpose, not terse. 
But, he was correct. If you can relax and reread it, I hope you can take it 
as intended.

Your insurance company - or you - paid for that pump. It does not belong to 
a doctor. A Dr. has no right to take your property. I believe Felix was 
wondering if the doctor literally removed it from your body and/or 
confiscate it? Does he have it in his possession now? Take a friend with you 
for support and get it back.

Call your pump rep as has been suggested and get them in on this. They have 
departments working for patients because they want to sell pumps as well as 
the supplies. They sold you a pump but the supplies will stop - so will the 
gravy train. Take a nap, take a test, and get on the phone and get some 
gumption to fight for yourself. We are all pulling for you, but can't do it 
for you. You sounded depressed and the thing that will get you out of it 
will be to start pumping again. Go for it!

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