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RE: [IP] Using the Bolus wizard (MM) before exercise

 Sharon wrote: "> I noticed the bolus wizard does the correction for I am
assuming insulin on board. I was wondering if I should change my carb to insulin
ratio to account for exercise or just go back to my old method of reducing my
bolus in half?

 Sharon - IMHO, exercise is definitely a huge YMMV item since it adds another
layer of complexity to diabetes management. I believe it was Tom that stated he
changed his basal rates for exercise, and for me it was a combination of basal &
bolus around the exercise period.

 I believe for most people, the exercise will affect your BS for sometime
(hours) after your exercise. To compensate for that, I lower my basal rate.
However, I also make the basal adjustment 1 hour before I start exercise, to
compensate for the exercise period. For me personally, my basal is adjusted for
12 hours around the exercise period.

 For food intake, I adjust my bolus both before & after exercise. If I'm eating
within 2 hours before exercise, my bolus is 1/2 normal. That's because my IOB
will have a greater reduction on BS if I'm exercising when it's active, so my
doc has by BS go high. After exercise, I reduce bolus for 1/3 for about 8 hours.

 My Endo really helped me to get my exercise rates adjusted, and it did take
some time to figure out. But don't give up because you can solve this riddle!

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