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RE: [IP] AM BG's

That goes for me too!  My flavored coffee with the sugar free Int'l Delight
flavored creamer is the only way I'll start my day (I have a frother so I
really make a treat out of my 2 cups of morning coffee).  The problem I
found for my morning erratic blood sugars was using milk (skim or any other
percent) in my cereal.  Once I switched to Hood brand milk (lower carb milk)
my problems disappeared.  It doesn't matter what cereal I eat as long as I
use the Hood lower carb milk.  Thanks to a breakfast discussion on this list
over a year ago that introduced me to the Hood milk I love my mornings!
YMMV but thankfully for me the coffee doesn't seem to be a problem.

Shirley, dx age 5, 1954 / Animas 1250 Oct. 2005

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Subject: Re: [IP] AM BG's

GIVE UP my morning coffee? OMG, I'd never do that. I figure I've got ONE
vice in this world and it's a cup of coffee in the morning. It's taken me a
few years to finally nail it but what I do is add a half unit of insulin to
any correction bolus I may have to do when I get up. If my bs is on target,
I simply bolus the half unit for the coffee. Works for me.


I've stopped my morning cup of coffee (sadly with the associated caffeine
withdrawal), but my morning blood sugars are much more predictable just a
couple of hours later and my AM insulin resistance is significantly
diminished as a result.
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