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[IP] coffee and donuts

Robert wrote:
>> 'special' section on Oprah. SNIP Dr. Coffee...stated that 
>>those of us who have Diabetes...should NEVER ever drink coffee.
>> ...advise those who use Insulin will have the need tripled 
>> just by drinking coffee.  No milk, no sugar or anything 

well, that is just bull crap, I can go weeks without
drinking it and my TDD doesn't change.  And coffee "only" won't
dehydrate you - there are alot of other factors at work in dehydration
and that comes from some one who lives it the DESERT. I would be
willing to bet if you were lost in the desert and only had a thermos
of coffee to drink, it would SAVE you from dying of thirst!! (but i 
wouldn't advocate it, cuz coffee makes you GO and when you are 
conserving liquid, that is important)

Robert writes:
>> This woman is either stupid, naive or couldn't care less but 
>>she bought his line completely.

This snake oil science however, is what i have started to expect 
from Oprah.  She is so powerful and uses her power well in a lot 
of cases, but she has become a "god" of sorts in her own eyes and
in the eyes of her adoring public.  she thinks her words and 
what she believes is right can rule the world!! (that is just my 
opinion and you can let me have it - I allow some of you to
believe GWB was rightfully elected and has capably led this country
through some very trying times) 

I think for the MASS of america, some of this "sugar is evil, coffee
is beezlebub" can be understood.  Americans, as a whole, are an
accepting, ignorant lot. Oh yeah, lots of education, but in 
a country where shows like Judge Judy, Fear Factor, American Idol
and jerry springer are cult favorites, you just gotta wonder about
the overall IQ of the country - The smart folks on IP really help 
keep the bar above 80 I am sure!

>> By the way he is not a doctor he just peddles his book 

Oprah has never been one to care about pesky credentials....

>> Why do people....put these irresponsible frauds on their
>> programs to hand out their incorrect information.  

Did he mention if he was speaking about type 1 or II or diabetes
in general.  Most, and I do mean MOST people have no clue about
diabetes.  They wrongly think what the media tells them - that
only fat lazy cola drinking twinkie guzzling people get it, and
we all know that is not true!

>> There are so many well qualified doctors who can speak about 
>> Diabetes and other disease that it just doesn't make sense.

Yes - but cold hard facts are of no interest to the sheeple of 
America, Robert. This is evidenced by what is happening to our
economy, why people think the cost of gas is so high, the "wars"
on drugs and religion.  Personal responsibility is someone ELSE's
job, not "mine," think most people (and again, I am not talking 
about you, or anyone specific on IP, this is a generality)

We (the collective American We, not the IP We) want to know what 
we can do to change NOW...none of this slow steady healthy diet 
and exercise nonsense to lose weight - give me a PILL!
No need for therapy and sunlight to get rid of my depression, give 
me a pill (and take care of that pesky libido at the same time - 
that way I can take Viagra whenever my partner wants to get frisky)

>> His other brilliant thought was that eating too much sugar 
>> as a child and young adult causes Diabetes 

well it is true that an unhealthy diet, and the associated unhealthy
lifestyle CAN lead to obesity, which is truly a factor that can 
put too much strain on the pancreas and eventually cause diabetes.
But yeah, sugar does not "cause" insulin resistance which in turn
can lead to type 2 diabetes.  We know there are other things 
such as pancreatitis, metabolics syndrome, some drugs, etc.  

Then there are those people who follow the high protein diets 
religiously, and who are "miraculously" cured of diabetes...I myself
have a type 2 friend who has lost 35 pounds and her A1C has gone 
down 30% and her doctor says another 30 pounds and she won't have to
take insulin anymore...and her words were, "I will be cured. Maybe
if YOU lost some weight you would be cured too."  Love her to death,
but you can imagine the look I gave her, and the subsequent words 
that spewed from my mouth

This "doctor" was just giving the viewers what they want to hear - 
the miracle, the quick and easy fix.  Oprah has a huge, rapt audience, 
and if 10% of them can change their diets to eat less crap, then she 
is affecting a lot of people for good....others will realize what she 
is preaching is a load of crap, and the other 80% will be like, "mmhmm
that Oprah sure knows some stuff" and go about their daily lifes
as if nothing had happened

Stevia DOES cook better than the other sweeteners, I think it 
tolerates the heat better, but seriously, I don't even buy 
Nutrasweet or Splenda. If i want a spoon of sugar in my coffee, 
I will use it!  I am certainly not going to bake a cake with it. 
I will simply bolus appropriately!!  Maybe he works secretly 
for the Stevia company?  The others do have some studies showing 
they can be harmful, but never any reputable studies, using
quantities I would consider reasonable....and if someone wants to
save the 32 calories in two packages of sugar by using Nutrasweet
instead, so they can have cake later on, go for it.....I'll see
em in the chunky department at the store :-)

AND those are my thoughts. now where is the donut you promised????

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