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Re: [IP] New Pump (Animas 2020)

I received my new lime green Animas 2020 on Tuesday afternoon and started
wearing it immediately.

By 9 am Wednesday my battery indicator was down to two bars. With my 1200 I
routinely got nearly 4 months from a battery and always used the backlight.
At 11:30 pm the pump woke me with a low battery alarm. I replaced the
battery. Called Animas and they agreed this was unusual in that I should get
an average of five weeks from a battery. Decided to watch and wait.

Wednesday afternoon I was down to two bars. I lowered the time out to 15
seconds, lowered the contrast on the screen, and have no reminders set.

Friday morning at 9 am I got the low battery alarm and put in battery number

This morning, I see it's back down to two bars. Time to call Animas again
since they said they'd want to replace it if it happened again. And yes,
these are from a new, just-opened pack of Lithium batteries with a 2029
expiration date. I've also got the Lithium battery chosen in my set up.

So, for those of you on a 2020, can you let me know what to expect with
battery life?
Thanks in advance,


> Well, Thursday, I went in and ordered my new Animas 2020.  Can't wait to
> hear when it will arrive...
> Anyone using one have any suggestions or tips for me?  I'm currently
> using an Animas 1200, so I'm looking forward to the color screen and
> food index.
> .
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