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RE: [IP]help.. Was - correction basal/bolus

 Hi everyone.. Ok i am on the mm 522. Yesterday it seemed as though i was
insulin resistent.. Continually in mid 200s but thought it was my snacking which
i usually dont do. Last night before bed sugar wa 104 so pump was working. I had
my normal before bed meal (14 carbs), i usually go lower at night I woke up at 6
with bg at 224 so i bolused .5 and went back to bed. At 9 bg was still 226! I
felt fine but checked ketones - LARGE amount so i changed out set, which btw was
in for 2 days and had been working fine prior to yesterday. I bolused a unit at
9:05 and at 10 im at 233! I did a 'fake' bolus to see see if insulin coming out
and it seemed slower than usual.. Maybe not releasing the full amount. I did eat
an egg this morning.. But thats all! Im a newbie so any suggestions? THANKS!!!!
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