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Re: [IP] AM BG's

GIVE UP my morning coffee? OMG, I'd never do that. I figure I've got ONE
vice in this world and it's a cup of coffee in the morning. It's taken me a
few years to finally nail it but what I do is add a half unit of insulin to
any correction bolus I may have to do when I get up. If my bs is on target,
I simply bolus the half unit for the coffee. Works for me.


> This article made me step back and say "Hey, I drink a large cup of coffee
> every morning, I wonder if there's a connection?" It turns out, at least for
>  me, there is. I've stopped my morning cup of coffee (sadly with the
> associated
> caffeine withdrawal), but my morning blood sugars
>  are much more predictable just a couple of hours later and my AM insulin
> resistance is significantly diminished as a result.
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