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RE:[IP] New Pump (Animas 2020)

Step 1...  Know the lighting of where you spend most of your time and set
the 2020 screen brightness according to how bright the area you spend most
of your time is..  On the 2020, the top button (backlight on the 1200 pumps)
steps through 3 or 4 brightness levels.

I work nights, and rarely get more than a few minutes Sun exposure per week.
I have my 2020 display set to start out at its dimmest setting all the time,
and can read it without changing brightness most of the time.  In bright
light conditions, I sometimes have to change it to MAXIMUM brightness to
read the screen.  And in direct sunlight, even maximum brightness is just
BARELY bright enough to allow me to read what is on the pump screen.
Sometimes, the ONLY way to read the screen is to get the pump in some shade
before trying to view the screen.

In darkness, the color screen is MUCH BETTER than the LCD screen my 1250
had...  But the 1250's LCD screen was much easier to read in bright areas.
I could even read the 1250's screen in direct sunlight.  Something that, at
least for me, is nearly impossible on the 2020's color screen.

Mark Schweim

-----Original Message-----
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2008 23:00:22 -0500
From: Ted <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] New Pump (Animas 2020)

Well, Thursday, I went in and ordered my new Animas 2020.  Can't wait to
hear when it will arrive...

Anyone using one have any suggestions or tips for me?  I'm currently
using an Animas 1200, so I'm looking forward to the color screen and
food index.
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