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[IP] Re: Coffee and Diabetes

Today my wife dragged me in to watch a 'special' section on Oprah.  She had
this person called Dr. Coffee on.
He stated that those of us who have Diabetes of any shape should NEVER ever
drink coffee.
He then went on to advise us that those of us who use Insulin will have the
need tripled just by drinking coffee.  No milk, no sugar or anything in it. 
By itself it will cause all this damage
and completely dehydrate one to the point of veritable death.
This woman is either stupid, naive or couldn't care less but she bought his
line completely.
By the way he is not a doctor he just peddles his book on how Diabetics
should live.
Why do people time after time put these irresponsible frauds on their
programs to hand out their incorrect information.  It happens all the time. 
There are so many well qualified doctors who can speak about Diabetes and
other disease that it just doesn't make sense.
His other brilliant thought was that eating too much sugar as a child and
young adult causes Diabetes and if none of us has sugar of anykind we would
all be well and healthy.  He wants us to buy Stevia for cooking, drinks and
other things.  He also want all Sweet and Low and artificial sweeteners
Any thoughts?
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