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[IP] fun of?

Lynda wrote:
>> do not feel so badly when I first posted here 
>  I was made fun of also  but I am not a quiter 

oh man, I don't know felix, but I tend to be overly sensitive 
anyway, and even I did NOT get the sense he was making
fun of Donna. Sure, we would mostly all agree that it isn't 
always the easiest thing or even possible to fire your doctor, 
as I am painfully well aware, even in a gi-normous town like 
Tucson, as the endos seeing new patients are NIL.  

Lynda, I am really sorry you felt you were made fun of back 
when you joined. I did a search for your posts, and unless you 
were a member under a different name, I didn't see anything where 
anyone was ever mean or rude to you - perhaps they were off list, 
or maybe you were a member under a different name.  If that is 
the case, I am sorry, but sure am glad you stuck with us.  

The deal here is, there are over 5,000 members and we all have our 
different perspectives and attitudes and feelings and PMS/hormone
cycles.  The number one rule is NEVER take things personally.  
Just as you would never say something mean, on purpose, to someone, 
neither would anyone else (EXCEPT maybe Tom who doesn't know how 
to spell proofread, and whose sense of humor is woefully lacking 
<vbg> and MAYBE Lurline...but I think she is long gone, which is 
not an altogether BAD thing)

Bottom line, whether it is included in a post or not, you should
ALWAYS add a YMMV to the end of each and every one.


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