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[IP] Dexcom CGMS Problems

HI, Carol,

 I have used the Dexcom since April 1. It seems to track lower than I my BG
tests. And that means it is alarming when I am not that low. I set the low alarm
at 60 to try to reduce the false alarms.

 I am now on my seventh sensor. During the 6th sensor something happened that
really helped. That afternoon I was home and steadily filing papers away and
every time I checked my BG it read 93. I seemed to be very stable at 93. And I
did a calibration on the Dex after each BG test.. This amount of very stable
time and calibration seemed to help the Dex pull close to my BG. It started
tracking much closer.

 I have come to realize that I don't have that much time when I am so stable.
The Dex reads low and alarms (I have the alarm set at 60). And I am often 20
points or so higher. But sometimes I AM actually 60. So I have concluded my BG
moves around a lot.

 I think that is consistent with the fact that one night I may be stable
overnight and the next night with the same basals I get a big rise. I have
stopped blaming the Dex.

 I try to calibrate now only when I am stable. And I use the trend line more
than the actual number. If the number on the Dex matches my BG for a while, then
I will consider it tracking closely. But if it does not, I will still find value
in the trend line and interpolate what it is telling me. (i.e.,is the Dex goes
up to 130, I better check my BG because it could be up to 185)

 My Dexcom rep asked me what my BG strip range was. It says 86-125, so I suppose
the Dex number falls within that wide range even if it is not tracking closely.

 I will say when the Dex tracks closely I really like that and I have to remind
myself when it does not to relax and use the value it is giving me in the trend

 I also get annoyed when it alarms and will toss in a 4g glucose tab to shut it
up. 4g raises me 24 points. If the Dex is reading 60 and is 20 points lower, I
can stand that correction (80 +24-104).

 I have not found it easy to have the Dex tracking closely. Still it gives me
helpful information in how it is moving.

Cozmo pump, H, Dexcom
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