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[IP] donna and her doc's control issues


 WHY oh why did your doctor do this and how DARE he do it to you and why did you
LET him....they can stop me from pumping when they peel this sucker from my cold
dead hands!

 I have to hope he gave you a legitimate reason for this...please share if you

 carb counting on injected insulin is pretty much the same as doing on the
pump....but why a random 4 units?  for me, that would be about 60 grams of
carb and I assure you, there are meals that are significantly MORE than 60 grams
of carbs.  The lantus is in there just doing the work of your bolus, but be
ready for it NOT to be accurate...highs and lows when you least expect them

 I guess i need to read further in the digest, perhaps you have told us why your
doctor "took" your pump away, but lemme at him...I'll get it back for you in 2
shakes of his scrawny little neck!

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