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RE: [IP] Dexcom CGMS problems

Yes, I had that problem, especially at night.  Dexcom claimed it was because
I was sleeping on the sensor.  Also, I had all but 1 sensor or 6 that went
flaky on me by either getting the sensor failure screen or not being able to
nudge it out of the low range...the replaced 5 sensors in 25 days.

I also had reactions to the probe under my skin which caused large red

I ended up sending my unit back within its' 30 day trial period.  Now I'm
waiting on info for the navigator to see if it's going have a trial period
in case I have issues with their sensors too.

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I've had the Dexcom for 3 months, and I've have had the same problem almost
all the time: it doesn't really stay in sync with my meter, and I calibrate
diligently. They've replaced the transmitter and the receiver, and they've
replaced just about every sensor. It's annoying!  The worst part is being
awake all night by the under-55 beep (when I could actually be 129 or so) or
being in a theater or movie and having it beep, again, inaccurately. I can't
even keep the dexcom in the same part of the house that I'm in overnight,
to the beeping for under 55 (when I am really not). So, I don't ever trust
what it tells me; it's almost always more than 20% off. I've tried many
different sites.

Anyone else have this problem? My dexcom sales guy says he hasn't had this
with any other customer.

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