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[IP] AN excellent piece to read~

Hey Sara I see you are still using my name in vain.  In any event, I 
still have my 508 working, and still have the disassembly manual I 
put together for anyone who wants to  repair it and keep it going. 
I recall in diabetes camp in 1959, one of the counselors (who also 
had diabetes) saying that having diabetes was a sign of superior 
intelligence.   Of course that was so obvious to me.   So i'm sure 
anyone who wants to keep the 508 running will be able to easily do 
it.  Just let me know and i'll send you the PDF with instructions.

    Good luck with the 522.  Don't forget that you have diabetes and 
thus must be smart.   Haven't tried to take that one apart yet, but 
i'm sure it's doable.  If i ever need to switch pumps (no obvious 
reason yet though), I'd go with Animas, since they are now Mac savvy 
(I just read that now 50% of incoming college freshmen are using Mac 
laptops-get with it MMM!).  Now if only Dexcom would get a diabetic 
on board to improve their software (the PC version is good enough yet 
to even want it on a Mac).  I'm going to the AADE meeting in 
Washington in August to give all those reps a hard time.   (And 
August is  also the 50th year with my being a smart diabetic.)

   Jan's piece was interesting.  I recall 10 years ago getting my 
first 507 in the mail.  I opened the box, read the manual,  stuck in 
a silhouette, turned it on, and haven't stopped pumping since.   But 
I must say i did catch hell from my endo and MM and the trainer.  The 
trainer came anyway so she could get paid (that was why she was 
unhappy) and we just chatted about the weather and the Clinton 
scandals for half an hour.

Happy pumping!

From: "S. Falconer" <email @ redacted>
<<<<<<<<<<I Just received my new 522...and it is still in the 
box...having used a 508
for the last 11 years and a 506 for 4 years before that....I know I am gonna
want a little guidance on the bells and whistles...yeah I can figure it out on
my own by playing with it, but that is what I say about the VCR and yet, I
still have not managed to get the beginning AND end of any show i have ever
tried to record....So wayne, if you are out there...I may want a lesson
on&nbsp; how to refurbish my 508 if this tricked out model is too much for my
old brain :-)    Sara SP  >>>>>>>>>>
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