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Re: [IP] was CGMS training, now AM BG's

My experience is that the dawn phenomenon actually hits later in the  
morning, 9-10:00.  If my 11 year old doesn't have breakfast and a  
bolus he to will have higher numbers.


On Jun 12, 2008, at 10:07 PM, Elizabeth Blake wrote:
> --- On Thu, 6/12/08, email @ redacted <email @ redacted>  
> wrote:
>> You mentioned that you go high in the mornings unless you
>> eat breakfast. That's
>> a total revelation for me. Never thought that could be a
>> solution for the
>> ever-present AM problems. May I ask how you figured it out?
> I know they say that with a pump you should be able to skip meals  
> but I get in
> trouble every time I try to skip breakfast. I noticed it because I'd  
> sometimes
> try to skip breakfast! I'd wake up with a good BG, not eat, check an  
> hour or two
> later and my number was doubled. I think it's some kind of weird  
> delayed dawn
> phenomenon. My body realizes that I'm awake and active and should be  
> feeding it
> to get it started, but I don't. So my liver decides to help out with  
> a glucose
> dump.
> I've thought about setting a second basal pattern with a higher  
> morning basal
> for days like that, but it's not like I plan on skipping breakfast  
> in advance.
> If I wake up low and don't treat it, it usually takes my body much  
> longer to
> boost my BG on its own.
> My solution is to just try to eat breakfast every morning. If I have  
> to skip it
> I keep testing and doing corrections until I'm able to eat.
>> I finally noticed the my insulin sensitivity is higher on
>> weekday mornings
>> because I live in a skinny 3-story duplex, so I'm
>> constantly running up and down
>> the stairs. But some morings, despite eating the same darn
>> measured thing for
>> breakfast, I bounce up.
> Some weeks I will eat the exact same thing for breakfast every  
> morning. My
> fasting BGs won't be too different. I go through the same routine,  
> walk to the
> same bus stop, go to the same job. 4 out of 5 days might be fine and  
> one will be
> way off. That's what makes this disease so much fun!
> I'm really looking forward to starting the CGMS. I know I'm not  
> supposed to
> rely on the actual numbers it gives but just seeing the trends and  
> knowing when
> my BG is on the way up or down is going to be a big help.
> --
> Liz
> Type 1 dx 4/1987
> Minimed 715 5/2005 / Minimed 722 6/08
> .
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