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RE: [IP] Using the Bolus wizard (MM) before exercise

Hi Sharon,

 > I was just wondering what works for
 > those who exercise what they do to
 > compensate for the activity?

Depends on what I do. Daily workout (half an hour to an hour of
cardio): Use a 50% or 60% temp basal and decrease any bolus by 40%
or 50%. The temp basal is set to end 30 to 45 minutes before the
end of my exercise period.

Three days a week, I lift weights after cardio. On those days, the
temp basal ends 30 minutes before the end of weight lifting; then
I bolus an extra hour's worth of basal (effectively doubling my
basal for an hour) to account for the high caused by anaerobic

I do not do any temp basal for 6-8 hours of the post-exercise
period, as that is part of my normal daily basal program.

For endurance bike rides, I will set a temp basal of 50% for the
first two hours and then increase that to 75% or so of normal,
Depending on exertion, I may skip bolusing for snacks entirely, or
I may bolus for half the carbs.

I never suspend the pump for exercise; insulin has a short "tail"
(insulin action time) for me, which also means that insulin
deficiency would come quickly were I to suspend the pump. I prefer
to avoid that.

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