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Re: [IP] was CGMS training, now AM BG's

--- On Thu, 6/12/08, email @ redacted <email @ redacted> wrote:

>  You mentioned that you go high in the mornings unless you
> eat breakfast. That's
> a total revelation for me. Never thought that could be a
> solution for the
> ever-present AM problems. May I ask how you figured it out?

 I know they say that with a pump you should be able to skip meals but I get in
trouble every time I try to skip breakfast. I noticed it because I'd sometimes
try to skip breakfast! I'd wake up with a good BG, not eat, check an hour or two
later and my number was doubled. I think it's some kind of weird delayed dawn
phenomenon. My body realizes that I'm awake and active and should be feeding it
to get it started, but I don't. So my liver decides to help out with a glucose

 I've thought about setting a second basal pattern with a higher morning basal
for days like that, but it's not like I plan on skipping breakfast in advance.
If I wake up low and don't treat it, it usually takes my body much longer to
boost my BG on its own.

 My solution is to just try to eat breakfast every morning. If I have to skip it
I keep testing and doing corrections until I'm able to eat.
>  I finally noticed the my insulin sensitivity is higher on
> weekday mornings
> because I live in a skinny 3-story duplex, so I'm
> constantly running up and down
> the stairs. But some morings, despite eating the same darn
> measured thing for
> breakfast, I bounce up.

 Some weeks I will eat the exact same thing for breakfast every morning. My
fasting BGs won't be too different. I go through the same routine, walk to the
same bus stop, go to the same job. 4 out of 5 days might be fine and one will be
way off. That's what makes this disease so much fun!

 I'm really looking forward to starting the CGMS. I know I'm not supposed to
rely on the actual numbers it gives but just seeing the trends and knowing when
my BG is on the way up or down is going to be a big help.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed 715 5/2005 / Minimed 722 6/08
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