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Re: [IP] Constipation issues

You ever wonder what our grandparents would say? take some cod liver oil for 
corn sake!!!!! It is true to some extent, eating a balanced diet especially 
those veggies and that apple to keep the doctor a day to keep the doctor 
away do help many! ;-)

I do have osteoporosis in my family of origin and during my bone scan was 
told I had some early signs of bone deficiencies. My grandmother and great 
grandmother had the dowager's hump that now my chiropractor is trying to 
correct (plus telling me to stand up straight, not site cross legged all 
habits when I do follow them I don't need to go back for a readjustment.)
Sharon B
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From: "Steve" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Thursday, June 12, 2008 8:02 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] Constipation issues

>I tried cutting the dosage in half with limited results.  I also tried 
>Metamucil and then gave Miralax OTC a try for a short period of time  while 
>taking the calcium.  I then quit the calcium supplement period plus the 
>Metamucil/Miralax and things returned to a more normal state.  Someone 
>mentioned the diuretic in the BP meds....I may have to investigate this a 
>bit.  Thanks for your suggestions though.  I'll keep working on it till I 
>get it right.  I have an 88 year old Mother in rehab from a fall with a 
>broken hip caused by osteoporosis.  Makes you kind of want to try and take 
>a little better care of oneself when it comes to bone deficiencies etc. 
>Steve .
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