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Re: [IP] coffee

BrentM wrote:
>  I found that the additional insulin needed for the coffee plus any creamer &
> sugar added to it was at least DOUBLE of what was
>  normally needed for me for just AM carbs without the coffee. The insulin
> resistance coffee introduced for me was just unacceptable.
 > Normal bolus for breakfast (banana) + non-coffee beverage was about 8 units
> insulin. To correct the unnacceptable, and completely unwarranted, highs that
 > the same breakfast + coffee introduced required another 10-12 units of
> for correction boluses. For me it was far more than a tad. ;)
 > Just a week's worth of results of this kind has me convinced that this was
> right way for me to go. I re-experimented this morning (birthday, felt like
> splurging a bit) and had exactly the same reaction to my coffee.

I wonder if it is only coffee, or if high-caffeine diet soda can have 
the same impact. I tend to have a diet soda, often Mountain Dew, in the 
morning when I get to work. I suspect that Diet 'dew is close to coffee 
in caffeine content. Anyone know for sure, or do I have to visit the 
Google altar?
I don't usually eat any breakfast, so I'll have to experiment next week 
to find out...

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