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Re: [IP] coffee

 I found that the additional insulin needed for the coffee plus any creamer &
sugar added to it was at least DOUBLE of what was
 normally needed for me for just AM carbs without the coffee. The insulin
resistance coffee introduced for me was just unacceptable.

 Normal bolus for breakfast (banana) + non-coffee beverage was about 8 units of
insulin. To correct the unnacceptable, and completely unwarranted, highs that
the same breakfast + coffee introduced required another 10-12 units of insulin
for correction boluses. For me it was far more than a tad. ;)

 Just a week's worth of results of this kind has me convinced that this was the
right way for me to go. I re-experimented this morning (birthday, felt like
splurging a bit) and had exactly the same reaction to my coffee.



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In my experience, as long as I bolus for the sugar (yes, sugar) and a tad more
 on square wave for the cream, coffee doesn't raise me up any more than any
food. I w/couldn't give up coffee just cuz it made my blood sugar go up...hell,
I'd have to give up ice cream and pineapple and tortillas and hummus and god
forbid, milk!!!&nbsp; about the only thing i have found that doesn't have some
effect on my blood sugar is plain old peanuts!&nbsp;&nbsp; when i am high and
need something to keep my mouth busy, a handful of peanuts helps....they won't
affect my bg for a long time and give the insulin on board a chance to bring me
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