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[IP] Using the Bolus wizard (MM) before exercise

Prior to getting and using my Ultra link meter, I hadn't used my easy bolus 
very much before exercising  (my  previous method was check BG, eat, 
consider the amount of carbs and cut the bolus in half). My method seemed to 
work out for me most of the time for instance not going low during exercise. 
I usually do a half hour of moderate cardio then weight lifting on a series 
of circuits that last another half hour.
Using the bolus wizard, to my knowledge doesn't account for the plan to 
exercise and I always tend to go low about the time of stopping exercise or 
even into the night. I tried last night reducing my basal rate by .1 and 
ended up a little high after the exercise, didn't make any corrections drank 
some juice just to cover my moments of paranoia of going low in the middle 
of the night and woke up low.

I noticed the bolus wizard does the correction for I am assuming insulin on 
board. I was wondering if I should change my carb to insulin ratio to 
account for exercise or just go back to my old method of reducing my bolus 
in half?

I was just wondering what works for those who exercise what they do to 
compensate for the activity?

Thanks Sharon B and Roseanna Anna Dana  my MM 522 
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