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Re: [IP] Constipation issues

Hi Steve,

You may wish to research about taking the Calcium and the Magnesium at 
the same time. From what I remember Calcium and Magnesium are absorbed 
in the same area of the digestive tract. The two together may compete 
for uptake. I wouldn't want to see you taking them together for years 
only to find out you are not absorbing the maximum amount of the Calcium 
that you could have. In other words the Magnesium might stop any Calcium 
caused constipation due to more Magnesium being absorbed than Calcium.

Vitamin C is good to take with Calcium. The larger doses of Vitamin C do 
have a laxative effect. If you don't take any Vitamin C now you may find 
that a Gram of Ester C along with your calcium may alleviate the 
constipation issues. I have issues with constipation due to 
Gastroparesis. I don't have any Calcium problems so I don't take it. I 
do take 1500mg of Magnesium and 1 Gram of Ester C daily.

I don't know your physical abilities, but have you asked your doctor 
about weight lifting to build bone density (If you can lift weights)? 
I'm not talking becoming Mr. Universe, but just enough weights to cause 
the micro fractures of bone that fill in with new bone. The muscles 
build from lifting weights because of micro tears in the muscles that 
fill in with new muscle. The bones, under stress of the weight, will 
develop these microscopic fracturing in their makeup that fill in with 
new bone to give you more density.


Steve wrote:
> Anyone have a suggestions for what I might use for a calcium 
> supplement that doesn't cause constipation.  I had a bone density 
> screening done recently and it showed signs of a calcium deficiency.  
> I tried taking Caltrate 600D 1200mg per day and ended up fighting 
> constipation.  I then switched to calcium citrate which is not 
> supposed to cause constipation and again encountered problems.  What 
> other supplements could be used?  Any suggestions from fellow pumpers 
> experienced in this area would be greatly appreciated.  Steve .
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