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[IP] Re: AM BGs (coffee) and constipation issues (two separate replies)

The coffee link was absolutely true for me as well. For about 18 of my 20
years with diabetes I had high after breakfast blood sugars regardless of what
I did.  had heard people mention coffee but I ignored that advice as I never
had any problem after my afternoon coffee. About two years ago I had to switch
from coffee to tea because of GERD, and voila, my post breakfast results were
normal. It's been that way ever since, so now I'm a total convert.
Re: the constipation issue from taking calcium, I have recently done a lot of
research due to some problems with Irritiable Bowel Syndrome. It seems that as
someone else said, taking calcium with magnesium helps vs any other form of
calcium. Also my doctor and my reading suggested that Citrucel seems to work
better than Metamucil as a soluble fiber supplement that doesn't cause
bloating or gas. Both of those are fiber supplements and not really laxatives
so they are not habit forming, unlike Miralax and other true laxatives. The
Citrucel and high fiber cereal due the trick for me. Pam
 <This article made me step back and say "Hey, I drink a large cup of coffee
every morning, I wonder if there's a connection?" It turns out, at least for
me, there is. I've stopped my morning cup of coffee (sadly with the
caffeine withdrawal), but my morning blood sugars
are much more predictable just a couple of hours later and my AM insulin
resistance is significantly diminished as a result.>
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