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Re: [IP] AM BG's

 I saw a short write-up on AM blood sugar issues in my local newspaper's 'Food
Day' section on Tuesday this week that appeared to reference the article posted

 As a result, it finally clicked why I was constantly having inconsistent blood
sugar spikes after breakfast every day. I'd eat nothing other than a slightly
underripe banana or a small slice of a quick-bread and take a HUGE bolus of
insulin and still end up high a few hours later.

 This article made me step back and say "Hey, I drink a large cup of coffee
every morning, I wonder if there's a connection?" It turns out, at least for
 me, there is. I've stopped my morning cup of coffee (sadly with the associated
caffeine withdrawal), but my morning blood sugars
 are much more predictable just a couple of hours later and my AM insulin
resistance is significantly diminished as a result.

It was eye opening.    Here's a link to the article:



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You mentioned that you go high in the mornings unless you eat breakfast. That's
a total revelation for me. Never thought that could be a solution for the
ever-present AM problems. May I ask how you figured it out?

I finally noticed the my insulin sensitivity is higher on weekday mornings
 because I live in a skinny 3-story duplex, so I'm constantly running up and
the stairs. But some morings, despite eating the same darn measured thing for
breakfast, I bounce up.


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