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Re: [IP] Started process with MM

I hope that you are covered, too>  I would think that if they covered your
pump, you should be covered for the transmitter...but, my question for you
is what model pump do you have?  That you mentioned transmitter/link I
assume you have something other than a 522/722.  If possible I would suggest
trying to upgrade to the 522 as you will have a pump that can read the data
from the sensor.  It is less cumbersome and I have the feeling that the
transmitters are going the way of the dinosuar as more people get a pump
that has it all coded into the machine.  If I read your email
wrong...forgive me.  I just thought you might be happier with a more compact
option.  regards,  Cynthia

On 6/12/08, Wyldceltic1 <email @ redacted> wrote:
> For the MiniLink CGMS kit for myself.
> A 'List angel' has lent me their kit and even bought sensors for me! I've
> been wearing it for a few weeks and absolutely love it. The person will
> eventually want it back though!
> Despite 1 bad sensor, and 1 screwed up insertion (I do manual now, as the
> 'serter blew that one for me) and a bit of irritation (Dressing) on one
> site, it has been actually a great thing.
> I called MM yesterday and today someone called back and is starting the
> ball
> rolling to see what insurance will say.
> Gads, I hope they say yes! Even if they get the sensors for me and I would
> have to pay for the transmitter, I think we can do it.
> While I don't actually make dosing decisions with the sensor, I do see the
> trend, can test and take appropriate action. So much nicer at work too!
> I will say a giant THANK YOU to the person, (who knows who they are) for
> the
> chance to wear and use this minilink. Not everyone would be so cool.
> Jenny, live in Hope for coverage :-)
> .
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