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[IP] Started process with MM

For the MiniLink CGMS kit for myself.

A 'List angel' has lent me their kit and even bought sensors for me! I've
been wearing it for a few weeks and absolutely love it. The person will
eventually want it back though!

Despite 1 bad sensor, and 1 screwed up insertion (I do manual now, as the
'serter blew that one for me) and a bit of irritation (Dressing) on one
site, it has been actually a great thing.

I called MM yesterday and today someone called back and is starting the ball
rolling to see what insurance will say.

Gads, I hope they say yes! Even if they get the sensors for me and I would
have to pay for the transmitter, I think we can do it.

While I don't actually make dosing decisions with the sensor, I do see the
trend, can test and take appropriate action. So much nicer at work too!

I will say a giant THANK YOU to the person, (who knows who they are) for the
chance to wear and use this minilink. Not everyone would be so cool.

Jenny, live in Hope for coverage :-)
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