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Re: [IP] Constipation issues

Steve, I had the opposite effect from taking calcium. I spoke to somebody at 
our local General Nutrition Center (GNC store) and they suggested their 
brand of Calimate plus 800-it is calcium malate plus vitamin D.
I am also using GNC's diabetic multipack. I do have diabetic retinopathy. I 
see there is calcium in there too plus all the vitamins the doctor suggested 
that are good for the diabetic eyes like lutein, vitamin E and A and all the 
others needed to maintain blood sugar and a healthy heart. I split my 
vitamins up between my three meals per day. The multipack has 5 pills and my 
calcium is two a day. This regimen is better on my stomach and digestive 
system. Best thing to do is ask the vitamin folks but watch your wallet! 
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From: "Steve" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Thursday, June 12, 2008 12:40 PM
Subject: [IP] Constipation issues

> Anyone have a suggestions for what I might use for a calcium supplement 
> that doesn't cause constipation.  I had a bone density screening done 
> recently and it showed signs of a calcium deficiency.  I tried taking 
> Caltrate 600D 1200mg per day and ended up fighting constipation.  I then 
> switched to calcium citrate which is not supposed to cause constipation 
> and again encountered problems.  What other supplements could be used? 
> Any suggestions from fellow pumpers experienced in this area would be 
> greatly appreciated.  Steve .
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