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RE: [IP] training

S. Falconer said:  "Time and experience will never be replaced by a
manual...and good training iskey. Yeah I would hate for the training to be
mandatory, but I would also hopethat everyone knew their own capability and
knew when to ask forhelp....watching the video and reading the manual are NOT
enough to troubleshootsome of the questions that arise"

I couldn't agree more.  I knew how to count carbs, tested 6-10 times per day,
had A1C below 7, knew I:C ratio (on shots), read the Walsh book, did the
saline.... but I don't know how long I would've lasted on the pump without
additional hands on training & support from pump trainer, CDE, and Endo when I
started pump.  It took about 6 weeks to get my basals adjusted (with their
help), and they were more than 50% off from what was recommended by Walsh's
TDD formulas.

I hope that everyone is at least offered the same level of training & support
that I received, before they begin their pump journey.

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