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Re: [IP] Just Expired Humulin N - Is it still good?

 It sounds like a little experimentation may be in order for those insulin
bottles. I'd experiment with them to see if they were good, but then some people
might not
like to experiment.  ;)

 Diabetes to me is just another math problem with wacky variables to solve for
with four cars all driving at each other from odd angles and reckless speeds
that you have to figure out when they all meet. =)


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Subject: Re: [IP] Just Expired Humulin N - Is it still good?

<<Upon inspecting the vial I noticed it had an expiration of 02/08 on
the box and on the prescription sticker it says to discard after
08/30/08. So my question is if the insulin is still good? Can I use it
or do I need to buy a new vial? Anyone have experience with this
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