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Re: [IP] Just Expired Humulin N - Is it still good?

<<Upon inspecting the vial I noticed it had an expiration of 02/08 on
the box and on the prescription sticker it says to discard after
08/30/08. So my question is if the insulin is still good? Can I use it
or do I need to buy a new vial? Anyone have experience with this

If it DOES say 2/08, it means that it expired in February. I honestly
would NOT use it.
A pharmacy label is not as accurate as the manufactures label.
A pharmacy label will give you 1 year, but the actual expiration date
might be ALOT sooner than that.
Listen to what the manufacture states (imprinted on box) and not the
pharmacy label.

I would honestly get a new vial, or just do Humalog/NovoLog every
couple hours for while you are in the water park, or just do some
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