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Re: [IP] AN excellent piece to read~

Tom wrote, in part:
> I feel very fortunate that I seemed to have everything nailed down when
> I got my pump. My endo and I had discussed my basal rates, and I have
> only had to make one very minor adjustment. Likewise, my I:C ratio
> and correction factors have not changed a bit - got 'em right from the git 
> go.
<huge snip>
> This is very much a YMMV issue, I understand. I recognize that most people
> probably need more help than I did, but for me, it turned out excellent.

And those of us who went through all sorts of hoops so you could be so 
confident will accept your thanks. I started pumping before they used MDI - 
for 31 years I had one shot a day, then 2 years of 2 shots a day. I started 
pumping on the one basal rate a pump had by getting up at 3:00 a.m. to test 
every night for a month.

Boluses were set for the exchange system of each meal - yes, they were carb 
exchanges, not grams. I spent a week in the hospital to get my first pump in 
'83, even though I could go shopping, to prayer meeting, to choir practice, 
and a coupon club but had to return in time for all of my 7 daily lab tests. 
I took my own test at the same time with a cut strip compared to a chart on 
the side of a container.

The guinea pigs that we were helped you to be confident in what you do/did. 
Not everything comes easy all at once.

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