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[IP] Second Pump in two days

I received my replacement pump yesterday and while I was programming  it I 
noticed a fine horizontal line across the middle of the LCD screen.   It's not 
 on the glass but on the screen itself. At first I figured it was nothing, but
today I noticed it more and more and I'm going on vacation  this Saturday so 
I really don't want any problems.  So when I  called Animas to check on a 
Reminder Alarm that I haven't been hearing I  mentioned it to the tech and she 
said that she would send another pump out to me  right away.  I said, It's 
 probably nothing and she agreed but she said that she would rather safe than

The line seems to be more prominent when I haven't turned it on for a while  
and then fades with use, but is still visible on some screens.  Has anyone  
had a problem like this?  
I have to admit Animas is on the ball.  They are so friendly and  helpful 
there.  I don't know how other people feel about the company but I  know I'm 
really pleased.  
Just thought I would drop a line and let you know.
dxd 2/1992
pumping 11/2006, Animas


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