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Re: [IP] AN excellent piece to read~

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> After I "went live" with insulin, I was in daily contact with > my pump
trainer as she helped me adjust my basal rates and determine my >
insulin-to-carbohydrate ratio.  It's beyond my ken how a medical >
professional can approve a pump for somebody and just turn that person >
loose with no support.  I feel very fortunate that I seemed to have
everything nailed down when I  got my pump. My endo and I had discussed
my basal rates, and I have only had to make one very minor adjustment.
Likewise, my I:C ratio and correction factors have not changed a bit -
got 'em right from the git go.
Tom -------------------------------------------------------------
Tom You are very lucky. Nothing stays the same for me. I get my basals
right then a few months or weeks later I have to adjust again as
something changes. Same for I:C ratio, I started at 1:12 now at 1:16 &
going to 1:17, insulin TDD keeps dropping as well, at the start it was
25-30 now 20-22. I could not have survived the first couple of weeks
without daily contact with my wonderful Animas trainer Lynn. At the time
Kaiser NW my HMO had no trainers.
So as you say YMMV.
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