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Re: [IP] AN excellent piece to read~

--- On Wed, 6/11/08, email @ redacted <email @ redacted> wrote:

>  So, I had minimal training for my pump. I spent about an
> hour with the trainer
> - most time spent upon infusion set insertion. I never went
> through the saline
> trial - I went live when I met the trainer. I had read
> "Pumping Insulin" - well,
> actually I pretty much skimmed through it and concentrated
> on those parts that
> mattered most to me (isn't it always about me?).
>  Anyway, if I had to contact somebody every day about what
> I was doing, I'd have
> gone bonkers. I appreciate the fact that I was turned loose
> with some good
> advice. I would have hated it if I had to go through the
> intense counselling and
> training this author describes.

 I read the manual and did Minimed's Pump School online before meeting with my
CDE for training. I think it was around 3 1/2 hours total. I was happy to have
the help, especially with inserting the infusion sets because up until my
training, I was afraid to open the box to see what they even looked like. I was
expecting a massive needle and was very relieved when I saw it (Quick-Sets).

 All of the button pushing, the steps to take to do things (set a temp basal,
set a BG reminder etc) were no problem because I had practiced it all right
before my training.

 I had one meeting with the dietitian, but that was even before a pump was

 I did e-mail my CDE constantly in the beginning and was afraid to change
anything myself. That lasted about 3 months before I finally started changing
the settings on my own.

 I've had my CGMS kit now for a week and nobody from Minimed has called me about
training yet. I'm getting impatient and was thinking of trying it on my own.
Anybody start using the CGMS with their x22 pump on their own?

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed 715 5/2005 / Minimed 722 6/08
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